Is Seattle a Good City For a Retired Urbanite?

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There are several reasons to consider relocating to Seattle in your later years. If you’re a retired urbanite, you’ll be able to find many retirement options within the city’s neighborhoods. For example, you’ll find that Bellevue, Jackson, Edmonds, and Mercer Island are all wonderful options for retirement. These cities are also very diverse in terms of weather, recreation, and cultural life.

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After years of living in a high-rise, John and Sandy Henrichs recently decided to downsize to a smaller house in a suburb of Seattle. Located a mile from downtown, the long driveway shelters them from passing traffic, and the back yard overlooks Lake Washington. The house is equipped with a three-car garage, and Sandy tends to her garden. The couple had moved to Bellevue from the suburbs of Boston, where they lived for decades. John retired from a career in aviation and planned to spend more time sailing. But they were concerned about the security of their home, and they didn’t need three bedrooms.

The city has a council-manager form of government. A council of seven non-partisan council members elects the mayor, who serves a two-year term, and selects the deputy mayor. The council selects issues for council meetings and appoints a City Manager. Both council members and the city manager supervise the city’s day-to-day activities.

Downtown Bellevue is full of businesses and is known for its vibrant commercial districts. The city has four major shopping centers, including Bellevue Square in the downtown area, the Factoria Mall to the south, and the Crossroads Mall to the east. The Overlake Shopping District is located north of downtown. In 2006, Bellevue was ranked as the 25 safest cities in the United States, based on the per-capita incidence of violent crime.

Located between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, Bellevue is home to nearly 100 parks. The city’s proximity to Squak Mountain State Park Nature Area and Cougar Mountain Regional Wilderness Park is great for active retirees. A hike is guaranteed to provide a scenic view of the city. The city is also accessible via public transportation. In addition to parks and gardens, Bellevue has easy access to a wide variety of outdoor activities.

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Mercer Island

If you’re a 70-year-old retired urbanite looking to downsize, consider Mercer Island in Seattle. Mercer Island is a wonderful neighborhood with over four hundred acres of public parks and open space. The neighborhoods are quiet and peaceful and offer sweeping views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier. This active community also has volunteer boards and city council representatives. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community, including the Mercer Island Farmers Market, which is held every Sunday during the summer.

While Mercer Island is not a ‘downtown’ neighborhood, it does offer a very convenient location to both Bellevue and downtown Seattle. Interstate 90 is a freeway that connects the island with the rest of the city. This eight-lane highway also includes two floating bridges over Lake Washington. A new light rail system is scheduled to open on the northern bridge in 2023. Mercer Island is a predominantly residential neighborhood, with multi-family dwellings concentrating mostly on the island’s north end.

Until the late 1970s, Mercer Island was an unincorporated island and became a community comprised of two self-governing municipalities. When the State Supreme Court ruled that annexation of areas under two thousand residents was unconstitutional, a bill was introduced to merge the islands into the city limits. Despite this legal hurdle, each municipality worked to improve their lot.

Whether you’re looking for a quieter environment or a city life with many activities, Mercer Island is a great choice for retirees. The waterfront is a beautiful location to stroll around, and the city offers many activities to keep your active lifestyle active. The nearby Cougar Mountain Regional Wilderness Park and Squak Mountain State Park Nature Area are perfect for hiking.

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Several months ago, Jackson, a retired urbanite in Seattle, lost touch with his housing case manager. When she did eventually reconnect with Jackson, she found out that he had been hospitalized and had nowhere to stay. She was heartbroken and determined to find him stable housing. But how to find him? Latasha Perkins, an acclaimed journalist, decided to investigate the situation.

The neighborhood has long been a place for community engagement, and in August 1989, a «paint out» occurred on the streets. Volunteers and three «Graffiti Buster» trucks set up checkpoints in the parking lot. In 1984, Reverend Jesse Jackson declared his intention to run for president of the United States. In response, the Reverend Jackson rented space in the parking lot of Promenade 23 and held community festivals.

Jackson Street was once a multi-racial street. The authors describe it as a «benign racial atmosphere»; racism and discrimination were widespread but not nearly as severe as elsewhere. Still, a multi-racial neighborhood was the perfect place for local jazz musicians to hone their talents. It also reflects the multi-racial character of the Yesler-Jackson community.

The Storm team honored Jackson in March after announcing his retirement. Jackson was a teammate for seven seasons, winning two championships. His jersey will hang in the rafters of the KeyArena, the Seattle Storm’s home arena. The Storm fans wore Jackson’s jersey in celebration. In addition to the Storm, his No. 15 jersey has been retired by the team. While Jackson hadn’t been in Seattle since 2012, she still remembered a young fan she met during her playing days.

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If you’re a retired 70-year-old urbanite looking for a new home, you may want to consider Edmonds, Washington. It was recently named one of the best places to retire in Washington by Where to Retire magazine. If you’re looking for a town close to bustling Seattle, easy access to beaches, National Parks, and the occasional view of the Olympic Mountains, Edmonds may be the right place for you. Locals here prioritize spending time with their families, supporting local businesses, and enjoying the company of strangers.

Edmonds has several distinct neighborhoods. Aurora Marketplace, Chase Lake, College Place, Olympic View, Port of Edmonds, Westgate, and Westgate are just a few of the neighborhoods you can call home. Each neighborhood has its own unique amenities and priorities, but no matter where you choose to live, you will find an ideal place to call home. There is something for everyone in Edmonds, so you’re sure to find a place that suits your lifestyle.


As a retired 70 year old urbanite, I am a fan of local brews and restaurants, but Greensboro also has a wide range of fine dining options. Local restaurants include Scrambled for breakfast, Crafted the Art of the Taco, Sticks & Stones Clay Oven Pizza, and Hops Burger Bar. Visiting the local theater district, I discovered that the City Arts Theatre produces musicals and theatrical performances.

In addition to its affordable living, Greensboro offers mild weather, a thriving arts scene, and Southern hospitality. Unlike many other cities, Greensboro is recognized as one of the best run cities in the country, and you’ll feel right at home here. You can enjoy the great outdoors year-round, thanks to Greensboro’s many parks, lakes, and trails.

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There are also many options for recreation. City Center Park hosts a variety of fitness classes and includes a large aquatic center in the Coliseum Complex. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy six public golf courses in the area. Greensboro is also growing in terms of its sidewalks and hiking and biking trails, and has a Downtown Greenway under construction. When complete, this four-mile walking and biking trail will connect with other greenways.

The job market in Greensboro is very strong, with several nationally known companies having headquarters in the area. Wrangler, Mack Trucks, and The Fresh Market are just a few of the top employers. Other top employers include Qorvo, Guilford County Schools, and Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. If you’re retired and looking for a new home, Greensboro is definitely worth a look.

Some psychologists believe that some people get more racist as they age, and this may be due to psychological reasons. Especially since we are closer to death as we age, our insecurities may increase. A theory that describes this phenomenon is called the terror management theory. In this theory, we become more materialistic and naturalistic as we age. We begin to think in terms of materialistic values and racial differences.

Ageism may drive young adults’ responses to an older adult expressing racist views

While young people are often quick to dismiss the opinions of older adults, ageism may actually be a more significant factor in their reactions. As we grow older, we experience many physical and psychological changes that make us feel less valuable and deserving of respect. Sadly, these changes can also be responsible for negative attitudes towards older people. If we are to avoid ageism and promote respect for older people, we must first understand the roots of it.

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While older adults tend to endorse more racist attitudes than younger people, little research has examined their responses to older adults. Researchers speculate that ageism may play a role in young adults’ responses to an older adult expressing racist views. To address this issue, researchers asked college students to fill out an online survey regarding their reactions to an older person expressing racist views. This study also found that the likelihood of agreeing with the older adult was significantly higher in young adults with more ageism than younger people with lower levels of ageism.

The prevalence of ageism in society is higher than for other types of discrimination, such as racism and sexism. Yet, some individuals may feel that ageism is more acceptable than racism, and even worse. While ageism may not be curable overnight, taking steps to combat it can help improve your health and create a more inclusive culture. Ageism may come in many forms, and it’s vital to understand and recognize these differences in our own interactions.

Research shows that racial stereotypes are deeply rooted in the minds of young adults. Despite ageism’s impact on health, we need to recognize that a number of older adults overcome these negative stereotypes. These efforts can provide a positive role model for older adults, thereby challenging the ageist mindset. But despite all the positive benefits of ageism, it still remains a problem.

The effects of ageism are often subtle. It may manifest as harassment or offhand remarks. Some individuals may even exclude older people from group activities. Coworkers may reposition the office to make it easier for older people to get to meetings, while friends or family members may avoid inviting them to social events. And internalized ageism can result in assumptions about whether or not an older person is capable of certain activities.

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Growing up in more prejudiced times

Growing up in more prejudicial times is not a new phenomenon. Many studies have shown that the age of children influences their attitudes toward race. Young children, for example, are already aware of the different races and groups, and are therefore likely to be biased towards those in their own race. The influence of parental racism also plays a role. This article outlines some of the causes of prejudicial attitudes in young children. You can use these factors to help prevent the development of prejudice in your own children.

Children’s perceptions of racial differences

The first step toward understanding children’s racial perceptions when they grow up is to examine the media’s reporting of incidents of racial violence. Children often ask questions about racial differences and echo harmful biases. For example, one African American girl told her classmate that she did not like White people. In addition, the nightly news was rife with stories of police brutality against Black people. A teacher suspected that her child had overheard an adult and decided to cancel her math lesson.

After examining how children responded to the questions about racial differences, researchers found that children who were «essentialists» believed that race is static over the course of a person’s lifetime and that it is based on biology and inheritability. The researchers concluded that children are highly likely to hold essentialist beliefs about race differences. But it is unclear how they can possibly avoid developing racial stereotypes by learning about the science behind them.

Recent events in the news may inspire discussions about racial issues, which can be an opportunity to introduce different perspectives and encourage action. Bringing up racial issues and introducing children to diverse cultures can help reduce prejudice and promote cross-group friendships. In addition, it is important to engage children in discussions about race, since they start developing a complex understanding of society at around ten years old.

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Research has revealed that children become aware of negative racial stereotypes as early as six years old, and that most children are aware of broadly held racial stereotypes by age 10. Once they are aware of their own racial identities, children are vulnerable to prompts that invoke their negative racial images and raise their self-esteem. They are also prone to responding negatively to racial stereotypes.

The study reveals that white, black, and Hispanic children are less likely to need a definition of race. However, non-Hispanic black children were more likely to need an explanation for racial stereotypes than non-Hispanic white children. Although these differences between races are not significant, the findings highlight how the social world is changing and the role of children’s perceptions in it.

Being antiracist is different for white people than it is for people of color

The definition of antiracism is not the same for white people and for people of color. While the term is commonly used to refer to people of color, it has a different meaning for white people. As we age, we become more aware of the oppression we experience as a result of our race, religion, and other factors. In response to this growing awareness, we often seek ways to combat racism. However, we must remember that being antiracist takes more than an awareness of the fact that you are racist.

While white activists should not give up their white identity to join movements of people of color, it should never be overlooked that whites have some unique characteristics that make them more prone to discrimination. One common mistake made by white activists is that they set the agenda with the illusion of inclusivity. This approach, in reality, is dangerous because it limits the discussion of race and challenges white privilege. This approach effectively shuts out people of color, and keeps in the wealthy and educated. It is not possible for any movement to survive this type of divisiveness.

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One way to make antiracism more manageable for white people is by creating a societal environment that fosters racial equality. For example, antiracism requires that whites acknowledge their privilege, work to change their internalized racism, and interrupt it whenever it appears. White people can also do their part by challenging internalized white supremacy and the patterns of prejudice.

As white people grow older, we should also try to understand those of color who are suffering because of racism. We should speak up and fight against these policies, even if they are the only ones affected. By fostering racial awareness, we can make a better world for everyone. While being antiracist is not easy, we must be vigilant to ensure it stays that way.

Moreover, being antiracist is more common for whites than it is for people of color. In contrast, nonwhites and people of color are less likely to self-identify as antiracists, and white progressives are more likely to hold liberal racial views than nonwhites. Although we should consider all these differences when discussing antiracism, we should still remember that the concept is much broader than that of people of color.

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