How Good Is Dallas TX For Technology Jobs?

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If you’re looking for a new job, but are unsure about the best city to live, you may want to start looking for a tech job in Dallas. This city is home to dozens of tech companies, including award-winning Dialexa. With a Glassdoor rating of near-perfect, this IT company boasts a great work environment, including free snacks and drinks. Employees can enjoy ice cream, custom furniture, and even request whatever technology they want.

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Austin is a technology hub

If you’ve ever lived in Silicon Valley, you’re probably familiar with the sprawling metropolis. But what makes Austin, Texas so special? This city has many things in common with Silicon Valley. Austin has rolling hills, greenery, and a healthy, active population. Austin is also a hub for startups, Big Tech, and innovative businesses. There’s also a thriving tech scene, and Austin has many of the same people as Silicon Valley. In fact, there are 77 companies in Austin, and Eric Engineer spent time there during his childhood.

The growth of Austin’s technology sector has been steady for two decades, but it’s increased exponentially in recent years. In 2015, Forbes listed Austin as the No. 1 tech growth city in the U.S. Austin’s tech startups raised a collective $993 million in funding and exited nearly $1.4 billion in 2015. That includes 28 acquisitions and two IPOs. Today, over 800 employees work for companies in Austin, including many of the top names in tech.

The city has been a hub of technology and innovation for decades, with many large tech companies setting up shop in Austin. Dell, IBM, and Texas Instruments all opened their headquarters in the city in the late 1970s. And in the early 2000s, tech startups started congregating in downtown Austin. In 1996, Samsung planted its first chip manufacturing plant in Austin. Apple has been headquartered in Austin for two decades, and currently employs over 7,000 people in the city.

Seattle is a technology hub

When it comes to technology, Seattle is the undisputed leader, but recently, several other U.S. cities have come to the forefront. The West Coast is booming, but the East Coast failed to capture tech talent in the same way. Dallas TX is the largest technology hub in Texas, while San Francisco is the best place to work for a tech career. Dallas TX and Seattle are each attracting tech talent of the highest quality.

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Austin has been a major city for businesses but falls far behind Seattle as a technology hub. Austin is a tech hotbed, but it is a generation behind Seattle. Austin is home to Amazon and Microsoft, but it lacks the diversity of the economy. After all, Seattle is home to other big-name tech outposts. It offers lower costs than the Bay Area and all the amenities that tech talent craves. Despite the competition, Silicon Valley won’t be knocked off anytime soon. With its world-class research university, an abundance of startups and major headquarters, it’s hard to compete with Seattle.

The state of Texas has a history of turning heads, but it wasn’t until recently that the city really captured the attention of tech professionals. However, Dallas has taken steps to improve the economy and support local businesses. The city is working to transform itself into a tech hub from the ground up, investing in individuals and companies. As part of this effort, Dallas has joined the federally-funded Smart Cities Initiative, focusing on a collaborative tech-first strategy. This initiative is aimed at creating a seamless urban space for future tech workers.

Dallas is a tech hub

Although Dallas has struggled to attract tech jobs in recent years, two recent digital alliances are helping the city change that. The two-year agreement between Microsoft and Dallas-Fort Worth’s technology community frames the city’s future economic development. According to data from LinkedIn, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area ranks third among U.S. labor markets for relocating IT and software workers. These alliances will provide Dallas with a strong economic development profile, while helping attract new talent to the region.

The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is home to Texas Instrument, one of the country’s leading telecom companies. The area is also home to more than 228,000 workers in the technology industry, which is comprised of high-tech manufacturing and information/professional/technical services. With a large population and low-cost housing, Dallas is a great place for launching a tech startup. Further, the city boasts incubator programs for aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

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According to Brookings, the DFW metro area has grown as a tech hub. As of 2016, the DFW area was the third fastest-growing metro area in the U.S., with an increase in tech-related jobs of 2.5%. The tech workforce in DFW is expected to increase by another two percent by 2022, putting it in third place among tech hubs nationwide. And with so many tech jobs in DFW, it’s no wonder DFW is a hot spot for startups.

Des Moines is a technology hub

While Des Moines, Iowa, did not appear on the list of tech towns in the 2018 Tech Town Index, it was ranked number 12 in the metro area. Des Moines is known as the insurance capital of the world and is home to Iowa State University. It is also a place with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong support from local businesses. While the technology industry is not the most promising sector for the city, it is still an attractive option for many companies.

Research suggests that the area is a technology hub that could rival Silicon Valley and Boston. Researchers found that in the past year alone, the greater Des Moines area had 15,331 open technology positions, with over one-third of these being for software developers, engineers, and tech support specialists. Other industries with a high concentration of technology firms are health care, financial services, and insurance operations. In recent years, Des Moines has gained international recognition by hosting major technology companies. Google and TEAM Technologies recently invested over six hundred million dollars in Council Bluffs, while Microsoft recently opened an office in West Des Moines.

Des Moines’ West campus offers a diverse array of education options. A number of programs focus on high-tech simulation programming and academic areas within telecommunications, business information systems, and IT. The college partners with technology solution providers and serves as a beta testing site for new technologies, allowing students to test their skills using the latest equipment and develop applications. The campus also hosts a Microsoft data center.

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Austin has a good quality of life

Austin is known as the «Startup Capital of the World,» with hundreds of companies relocating here. The city has low office vacancy, affordable housing, and an excellent educational system. Its tax system and low operating costs make it a popular location for technology companies. There are some downsides, though, and it can be tough to live in a city with so much energy.

For starters, the city is home to over three million residents, with a population density of about 3,006 per square mile. Eighty-one percent of Austinites commute by car and another 11% work from home. The remaining 8% commute by other means. As with any major city, traffic in Austin can be brutal, but it’s still possible to live comfortably in the city.

In terms of quality of life, Austin ranks No. 1 in the United States, according to a study by U.S. News. The study examined 100 metro areas and their quality of life and job market. The study looked at the value of living in each metro area, and it ranked Austin as the best place to raise a family. Despite the hot climate, Austin offers plenty of outdoor activities.

The city boasts a high percentage of millennials and young professionals, making it a great place for tech jobs. The city’s economy is flourishing due to the booming tech industry. Moreover, it is home to several colleges, including UT Austin, and a number of coding bootcamps. It also boasts a thriving startup scene. Whether you’re looking for a tech startup or a new position in an established organization, Austin is an excellent place for tech careers.

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Dallas has a large data center market

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is one of the fastest-growing data center markets in the nation, thanks to its carrier and fiber-rich environment, low power costs, and tax incentives. As such, it has become the third-largest data center market in North America. Data center jobs are expected to grow by more than 50% over the next five years, thanks to these factors. Listed below are five reasons why Dallas is a great place to start a career in the data center industry.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has plenty of available space. The city is home to several large cloud service providers, including Google and Facebook, which both have a large campus in the city. Dallas is also considered an excellent location for tech jobs because the state is well-served by major U.S. airports and highways. Moreover, Dallas boasts a skilled workforce and is highly affordable housing options.

Dallas has an affordable data center market, with high demand for big data infrastructure. The city is also home to numerous large enterprises and local talent. As a result, the tech industry is experiencing a booming boom in the area, and there are more jobs than qualified employees. Many companies are offering competitive benefits packages, relocation allowances, and flexible working conditions in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is projected to grow at least 4% over the next five years.

We’ll talk about REVTECH accelerator, ParkHub, and the Tech Wildcatters. But first, let’s talk about the startup scene itself. Is it worth moving to Dallas? Here are some of the reasons. Read on to find out. Is the Dallas startup scene thriving? Where should I go to find the best startups. And what should I expect from the startup community in Dallas?

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Downtown Dallas

If you are new to the startup scene in Dallas, you may be wondering how to get involved. There are several ways to connect with other Dallas entrepreneurs and startups. A weekly e-mail called Startup Digest aggregates events in the DFW area and features featured companies. There is also a Facebook group devoted to the DFW startup community. Slack groups have also become synonymous with startup communities, and members discuss everything from current events to investments and jobs. Many also use Slack to solve common problems, including visa advice and moving guides.

The Dallas startup ecosystem consists of three distinct parts: education, infrastructure, and a vibrant startup community. But it needs an investment push to make a global splash. The city’s startup community is facilitated by entrepreneurs like Devin Ellis, who curates Startup Digest and connects startups to resources. In addition, he volunteers his time to support the DFW startup community. You can learn more about his work at devinellis.

The city has also taken steps to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. In January, Mayor Eric Johnson announced the creation of a 15-member Task Force for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Task Force’s co-chairs include DEC Network founder Trey Bowles, former assistant professor of arts entrepreneurship at SMU Meadows School of the Arts, and Mandy Price, CEO of Kanarys Inc. Ultimately, the city’s mission is to make Dallas a thriving innovation hub.

Despite Dallas’s size, the startup scene is a hub of activity. A recent report by the real estate investment site Roofstock ranks Dallas-Fort Worth as the fifth-most-startup-friendly metro in the U.S. According to its ranking, the metro area’s startup formation rate is the number of new businesses compared to the total number of businesses in the area. But that’s not all. The Dallas startup scene is also growing rapidly.

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Tech Wildcatters

The founder of Tech Wildcatters, Gabriella Draney, is an entrepreneur with experience in corporate innovation, strategy, and fund-raising. She is passionate about connecting the dots between entrepreneurs and investors. She is an active member of the Dallas startup community, with investors on speed dial. And she’ll go the extra mile to help startups succeed. Founder and CEO of the Tech Wildcatters accelerator program in Dallas, Draney has helped over 100 companies raise funding from major investors.

As a VC, Tech Wildcatters is a leading seed accelerator for companies in the technology sector. Founded in 2009, it is a top-ranked accelerator in the United States and Texas. Recently, Tech Wildcatters added a new division for B2B companies, expanding into business-to-government and business-to-consumer. It also recently raised the most money in its history, nearly doubling its total amount in one quarter.

As an investor, Draney Zielke and the Tech Wildcatters focus on identifying early stage companies that have a chance of thriving in Dallas. The team looks to invest in companies with solid fundamentals, and aims to be in a position to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. The team works with experienced investors who know how to spot opportunities and make the right moves. The team is always ready to make the next move.

The trip will take place Feb. 10-21 and will include five days in Dallas, customer pitches, and customer-funded development. A trip to Silicon Valley is also included, along with a visit to Downtown Project in Las Vegas. Attending the Tech Wildcatters accelerator program costs $2,000, and one to three people from each company will be chosen. Apply by Jan. 31 for a spot. If you want to be considered for the trip, apply now.

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REVTECH accelerator

If you’re looking to grow your startup, then you should apply for the REVTECH accelerator in Dallas, Texas. Located in Dallas, Texas, the accelerator has a strong track record of success in retail and hospitality technology startups. It has a great pool of mentors who specialize in retail and hospitality tech and will help you find the right business partner. You can also take advantage of free office space and the opportunity to pitch at Tech Trends if you are selected.

REVTECH, previously known as VentureSpur, has a unique focus on the retail and restaurant industries. The accelerator currently has five startups working on innovations in loyalty marketing, digital printing, and gambling. Participants will receive $40,000 in seed funding and participate in a 14-week program at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. The program will culminate with a pitch day, scheduled sometime in September. You can learn more about the REVTECH accelerator and the programs in Dallas.

Innov8te focuses on Dallas-area startups and has a variety of membership packages to suit your needs. Among these are their accelerator and co-working space programs. The latter is very unique because it does not require residents to live in Dallas, but requires that you provide value to members. The price for these programs range from $400 per month to $2,400. Applicants will receive mentorship from established entrepreneurs and can expect investment funding up to $100k.

REVTECH offers a unique startup ecosystem with mentoring and investment. Health Wildcatters has a history of helping healthcare entrepreneurs succeed with their ventures, and offers a program that supports eight to 12 startups annually. Founded in 2007, Health Wildcatters has helped hundreds of Dallas startups raise over $250 million in venture capital. Applications for the REVTECH accelerator in Dallas, TX are open and the office space is approximately 17,000 square feet.

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George Baker is a co-founder of ParkHub, a company that is working to simplify parking for drivers and operators. The company offers a suite of services including payment processing and analytics. Founded in 2010, ParkHub has 24 employees and has raised more than $5 million in funding from angel investors. The company is now bringing cloud-based parking software and color-coded signs to public parking lots.

One of the most recognizable tech startups is rewardStyle, which opened its first Dallas boutique in 2011 and has since expanded to more than 250 employees worldwide. Other tech startups in Dallas include ParkHub, Life Insuretech Bestow, and luxury carpool service Alto. A number of smaller companies have secured new investments and announced hiring plans for 2019.

Clarisa McLaughlin is passionate about startups and has an extraordinary network of investors and media. She was a member of the Dallas Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty alumni association and has served on the Board of Directors of Tech Wildcatters. She has also served on the Advisory Board of Dallas Innovates. McLaughlin is also a proud mother of three children. While establishing ParkHub and the startup scene in Dallas, she continues to work as a freelance writer, focusing on business news and innovation.


A few months ago, CollateralEdge’s founders launched a small, but mighty venture. Jim Watkins, who served as senior deputy director of supervisory examinations at the FDIC, joined the startup scene in Dallas to help the company build its products and services. He sees the toolkit as a way to enhance the bank’s relationship with customers while minimizing costs and increasing competitiveness.

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The company’s founders have already raised a $3.5 million seed round from angel investors, including Perot Jain, Capital Factory CEO Josh Baer, Kneeland Youngblood, and Pharos Capital Group. Its co-founders are Joel Radtke and Joe Beard, who met in a coffee shop eight years ago and struck up a conversation. The two quickly grew closer and realized that they had an opportunity to disrupt the industry.

The Dallas startup scene is bursting with talented founders. Beard and Chung are helping minority-owned companies improve their banking relationships and secure funding. Chung previously worked at JetSuite, but was recently appointed chief growth officer of Wheels Up, a private aviation company listed under the ideal ticker symbol UP. Chung has been featured in Adweek’s Women Trailblazers Summit, and was a part of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.

Besides the high tech companies, Dallas also boasts a thriving startup scene. Many of these companies focus on a variety of sectors, including fintech, blockchain, and AI. They are shaping the tech landscape of the city. If you’re looking to launch a new company, Texas may be the perfect place for you. And Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. With a population of eight million, it’s an ideal location for a growing startup.

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