Best Places to Retire in Texas

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According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the Greater Houston area is home to tens of thousands of retirees from the oil and gas and medical industries. AdvisorSmith, a platform for business insurance, ranks Houston third among large U.S. cities gaining new residents 65 and older in 2019.

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Port Aransas

The cost of living in Port Aransas is slightly higher than the national average, but this difference is not as large as it might seem. Essentials like groceries, utilities, and housing should be more affordable. Housing expenses are 89.8% lower than the national average, and you can enjoy a low-cost lifestyle even if you don’t have a car. The median home value in Port Aransas is $458,600, so you’ll probably be happy to find some savings.

The town is located on Galveston Bay and is known as the «Gateway to the Bay.» You’ll enjoy the picturesque waterfront, theme parks, and shops, and a lively nightlife in this Texas hill country. Retirees may also want to consider retiring to Katy, which is west of Houston. The city is home to a state-of-the-art hospital, all the amenities of a larger city, and a park and ride location that makes it easy to access Houston.

For retirees, Port Aransas offers plenty of opportunities. With a population of about 3,500, Port Aransas offers a relaxed beach lifestyle, and its proximity to Houston makes it an ideal place to relocate to. Residents are primarily retired, but there are some graduate students who enjoy the laid back, beach lifestyle. The median age of the population is 61, which makes it a good place to retire to.


Although it’s one of the most crowded cities in the country, Houston has some unique advantages that make it a desirable place to retire to. While the city’s traffic is still very heavy at rush hours, the city’s recent expansion of the MetRORail system is a welcome addition, as it allows commuters to reach the downtown area, theater district, museums, and NRG Park with ease.

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The city’s greenspaces are plentiful, with over 50,000 acres of park space. Several parks have been built or renovated in recent years, and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department maintains more than 125 miles of biking and hiking trails. Whether you prefer outdoor activities or are looking for a serene setting to spend your golden years, Houston offers something for everyone. The climate is warm, making it easy to engage in new hobbies. Day trips to nearby attractions are also convenient and inexpensive.

The city is home to a diverse population. Houston is consistently ranked among the best cities to retire in, thanks to its mild climate, low cost of living, and never-ending recreation opportunities. Compared to other Texas cities, Houston has the highest diversity. Its residents speak 140 different languages, including Vietnamese, Spanish, and Mandarin. Active adult communities are also plentiful in Houston. For more information about active lifestyle communities, visit the official website of the Houston Association of Retirees.


With its moderate cost of living, low crime rate, and abundant housing options, Houston is consistently rated as one of the best places to retire. It also beats out Los Angeles and New York in terms of diversity, with over 140 languages spoken in the city. Residents of Houston have similar interests and values, making it an ideal place to live for those who want to enjoy retirement and not worry about costs. And if you’re unsure about the best place to retire in Texas, read on!

As the fourth-most-populated city in the country, Houston offers a cosmopolitan feel. While many Houston neighborhoods are walkable, it doesn’t have the same energy as Austin. For people looking for a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Austin or Chicago may not be right for them. Alternatively, retirees who enjoy a low-key life can take a look at the city’s vibrant art and music scenes.

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While Houston is a great place to retire to, there are many other areas of Texas where you can live in peace and quiet. Alvin, a suburban area near Houston, offers homes with a median price of $108,000. It also has apartments and condos, as well as two retirement communities, two golf courses, and a library. Many people also enjoy the outdoor activities that Houston has to offer, and Alvin is a quiet, picturesque place to retire.


Located just south of Houston, Weslaco is a quiet community with many amenities for seniors. The median price of a single-family home is $108,000. Residents have access to a library, two golf courses, and nearly 30 arts and entertainment options. This community is a great place to retire because it is both affordable and safe. The area also features plenty of outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, and has a very low cost of living.

The town is home to many senior citizens who are looking for a peaceful place to retire to. With its college-town feel, it is ideal for retirees who want to be close to art and culture. Residents can attend Continuing Education courses at South Texas College. Other attractions are the Valley Nature Center and Frontera Audubon Center. Residents enjoy hiking and enjoying the outdoor life. The community is home to several parks that are ideal for retired people.

Residents of Weslaco, Texas can enjoy the outdoors while living in a city that is close to the Gulf of Mexico. Weslaco is located west of Brownsville in the Rio Grande Valley and has a population of approximately 38,000. Many retirees have chosen Weslaco, TX because of its moderate climate, warm winters, and close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The town is home to several colleges and has many active adult and RV communities.

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For people in their later years, the climate in Houston makes it a great place to retire. Temperatures are typically in the low 60s in winter and 90 degrees in the summer. The city’s humid climate is a factor during the rainy season, but this warm climate is still great for outdoor activities. Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors or take part in local festivals, the weather in Houston will suit your needs.

While many retirees may be concerned about the cost of living in a big city, Houston has some advantages. Living costs are low in Texas, and there are no taxes on employment or retirement income. You won’t be paying any taxes on groceries or medicines, either. Property taxes are slightly higher than in other cities, but you can find affordable housing and a homestead exemption that will allow you to maintain a low-cost lifestyle.

The city embraces its rich history. With dozens of historic sites within walking distance, Houston offers a unique cultural experience for its residents. You’ll be able to visit landmarks such as the Battleship Texas National Landmark, San Jacinto Monument, and Sam Houston Park. These places are inexpensive and safe. Retirement communities in Houston often make regular trips to these places to experience the city’s history.


If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed place to retire in the Houston area, consider the town of Silsbee. The town of 6,611 is located in southeast Texas, approximately 21 miles north of Beaumont. The town’s natural beauty is sure to attract nature lovers. Nearby the Neches River offers canoeing and kayaking opportunities. In addition, Silsbee offers numerous parks and recreational opportunities. Silsbee also offers D-rated access to golf courses and grocery stores.

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While Houston is a great city for art and dining, it can get expensive and drab, especially when you’re retired. Aside from the expensive housing prices, Houston is also home to a high concentration of senior residents and a high crime rate. If you’re thinking of retiring to Houston, ask local broker Melissa Allison for her suggestions. She’ll be glad to share her knowledge and experiences on the best places to retire near Houston.

In general, Silsbee is a nice place to retire to if you’re looking for a quiet and upscale community. With a population of only 6,640 people, this city has a low crime rate and is close to the Louisiana border. Silsbee has a high poverty rate of 22.8%, which is higher than the national average of 10-13%.


If you are considering retiring to the Houston area, you may want to consider Beaumont, Texas. This city has low housing prices, but the overall cost of living is also lower. Residents of Beaumont enjoy an active lifestyle full of museums, delicious eats, and outdoor recreation. For people interested in higher education, you should consider enrolling in Lamar University, a nationally recognized school that offers liberal arts, nursing, business, and more. Its population density puts stress on both the economy and the environment.

The city is located 90 miles from Houston and is home to Spindletop, the largest oil discovery in Texas history. There is a museum commemorating its impact on the city. Beaumont is close to the bustling city of Houston, the world-renowned Cajun cuisine of Lake Charles, and the unique ecology of the Big Thicket. The cost of living in Beaumont is lower than Houston, and residents enjoy two distinct seasons: wet in April and October and dry in November and March. The climate in Beaumont is warm and comfortable year-round, with the exception of extreme heat in August.

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There are many factors to consider when deciding where to retire. The cost of living, healthcare, and leisure activities are key considerations. Below are 10 Texas cities that make excellent choices for retirees. You may even want to consider moving to one of these cities if you want to enjoy your retirement life. The weather is good year-round, so if you’re planning on retiring in Texas, be sure to consider this city.

If you’re a sports fan, Georgia is a great choice for you. Its sports teams include the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta Hawks. Baseball, basketball, and football are also popular here. If you’re looking for a warm welcome and a friendly population, Georgia is the place to be. There are many things to love about Georgia. The people are friendly, hospitable, and easy to get along with.

Atlanta is a college football city

It’s no secret that Atlanta is a college football city. In fact, the Falcons’ 2015 Hall of Fame game generated $19.9 million in tax revenue for the city. And if that wasn’t enough, the Peach Bowl semifinal game brought in $50 million in tax revenue. It’s no wonder that Atlanta is so committed to college football that its major television stations are never quiet. There are many events and celebrations around Atlanta centered around the sport, and the city is a magnet for college fans of all levels.

College football is the lifeblood of Atlanta. The Deep South didn’t have a long-term presence in a major pro league until the 1960s, and Atlanta became the first city to get an NFL franchise. Other pro leagues in the region tended to ignore the Deep South, so Southerners treated their college programs like their own professional teams. John Heisman, Georgia Tech’s first paid coach, played in Atlanta’s Grant Field. That game was the first of its kind, and the Atlanta Falcons dominated the Southeast until they left town after this article was written.

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A new stadium opened last year in downtown Atlanta. This is the home of the College Football Playoff, and the city is now home to the national championship game. With an NFL-sized stadium and at least 26,000 hotel rooms, Atlanta is now the epicenter of college football in the United States. The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the city’s downtown campus are a green addition to the community, and the city is known as the home of the Crimson Tide.

Athens is a college town

Athens is known as a college town, with a bustling downtown area and campus right next door. The city is sprawled out into modern suburbs and strip malls, but despite the college atmosphere, the town also has its own unique character, including a porch life. Many Athenians spend their free time outside on porches, dining, and relaxing. In fact, the town’s residents enjoy their porches all year round.

The music scene is another draw for visitors. The music scene began exploding in the 1980s, spawning the rock band R.E.M. Since then, the music scene has evolved considerably, with national and local acts regularly playing the city’s venues. Local and national acts play here regularly, and the menus at these venues are now larger than ever. There are many dining options in Athens, including the National and Five and Ten.

The University of Georgia is the town’s economic engine. It has been undergoing construction since 1783 and has experienced steady growth ever since. More than 1,100 students study at the university, which employs thousands of locals, as well as paying well. The town’s restaurants and bars are packed with university students, while locals browse at stores like Archer Paper Goods. In addition to the thriving student and university scene, Athens is a bicycle town.

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While the University of Georgia has dominated the American college football landscape for years, Athens is a cultural hub as well. The Morton Theatre, Georgia’s first and still-operating vaudeville theater, and a number of other historic landmarks make the town a cultural hub for the state. There are many fine dining establishments, great bars, and an abundance of fantastic restaurants. The city is also known for its vibrant nightlife.

Athens housing is affordable

Athens housing is affordable, but it is not without its problems. Athens has been a poor town for many years, and there is limited land for housing development. In some neighborhoods, it is impossible to afford an affordable home, and the rent is over a third of a household’s income. However, new development in Athens is aimed at making housing more affordable for the area’s lower income residents.

Thousands of students flood the Athens housing market every year, forcing rent prices to increase by ten to twenty percent each year, or more. This can cost a lower income worker as much as $100 or more. Although the city adds approximately ten affordable housing units each year, the shortage continues. Until the demand for affordable housing decreases, more homes must be built. This is a difficult task, but it will not be impossible.

Athens is known as a college town, and it has a population of college students with parents’ credit cards and checkbooks. College students have higher housing costs than service industry workers, so the rent at the luxury student apartment building The Mark in downtown Athens is around $840 a month. The median rent for a three-bedroom home in Athens is $1,650. In 2017, the median rent in Athens-Clarke County went up by 4%. Most renters in Athens pay more than half of their income, and the cost of living is rising.

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ALT helps low income families buy affordable homes. It does this by selling homes within its land trust for less than market value. These homes remain in the Athens Land Trust for 99 years, and homeowners can then transfer the property to their children, and ALT then buys it back and resells it to a low or moderate income family. The housing trust is a nonprofit organization that works with low-income families to make housing affordable.

Athens is a food lover’s paradise

Athens has a reputation for great cuisine, and is one of Europe’s most foodie cities. The food scene in Athens is eclectic, and the city is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants. There are also plenty of local restaurants that are worth trying, too. Athens’ best restaurant, Spondi, has been redefining fine dining in Athens for over 20 years. Spondi prides itself on its use of only the best raw materials and the most pristine technique.

Whether you’re craving the ultimate comfort food or are looking for some exotic cuisine, Athens has it. There are numerous street vendors open until the wee hours of the morning, catering to all types of palates. Souvlaki is at the top of the list and has taken the gastronomic scene by storm. While you’re there, make sure to try some of Athens’ traditional dishes, too.

Greeks are seafarers and are naturally attracted to seafood. You can sample a huge variety of fresh seafood in Greece, from oysters to mussels to octopus. Whether you’re in search of the best fresh seafood or want a delicious takeaway, Athens is a food lover’s paradise! The city’s fish market is a feast for seafood lovers. From farmed to wild, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

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Brunch is a new addition to the local food scene, but Athenians are fully embracing it. A brunch meal in Athens can last 6 hours! Many locals indulge in this special meal, and it’s worth the wait. Enjoy some great Greek food and Greek wine in this city. Soak up all the culture of this food-loving city and you’ll return a different person with a new love for the city.

Athens has a unique mass public system for easy access

The ancient city of Athens has a public transit system that is unique among all modern cities. The city was once home to the world’s first public library, the Lyceum, and Plato’s Academy, two of the greatest minds of all time. Aristotle also founded his Lyceum outside the city walls, making it easy for people to reach the library from anywhere in the city.

Athenian democracy can be an inspiration for modern democratic systems. Its public transit system makes access easy to the city’s citizens, while its unique mass public system helps keep the city’s infrastructure up and running. Athenian citizens were better informed and more informed than modern citizens, so they were able to make better decisions. Because ancient Athenians had direct experience with most of the functions of the state, they had a much better understanding of how well these leaders did their jobs.

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